Age Element® Firming Eye Contour


Cream with a revitalizing action and tightening effect for lifting the eyelid. Includes a ceramic applicator with a cooling effect.
15 ml
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Cream for the eye contour with an intensive firming action and a lifting effect in the upper eyelid. Its concentrated formula with firming active ingredients attenuates the pigmented under-eye circles and expression lines. It includes a ceramic applicator with a cooling effect that enhances the formula’s tightening effect, revealing a younger and more rested look.


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: biopolymer tightening ingredients, silk tree extract, [meso]epigen system™, peptides and phytoactive tightening ingredients

HOW TO USE: twice a day, morning and evening.

Massage using the ceramic applicator to obtain a cooling effect and enhance the eyelid’s lift action. Apply after the serum and before the treatment cream and/or sunscreen.


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