Age Element® Anti-Wrinkle Lip and Contour


Volumizing lip contour to intensively treat wrinkles around the lips. Its repulping effect immediately volumizes the lips.
15 ml
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A formula designed to restore the lips’ juicy appearance. Its combination of active ingredients intensively treats lip contour wrinkles, by repulping the lips and achieving a volumizing filler effect. It includes a ceramic applicator with a cooling effect that favors the anti-wrinkle effect.


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: marine biotechnology extract, [meso]epigen system™, sinalbin

HOW TO USE: twice a day, morning and evening.

Apply using the ceramic applicator to obtain a cooling effect and enhance the anti-wrinkle action. Massage the area around the mouth, ending the movement on the lip to enhance its repulping and moisturizing action.


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